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With a NT2 State Exam (Dutch as a second language) degree you can demonstrate that you have proper command of Dutch to be able to work or study in the Netherlands. You can also use a NT2 State Exam degree for integration and for requesting naturalisation (a Dutch passport) or a permanent residence permit.

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The interview
The whole State Exam project begins with the interview. When you register with Alsare academy, you will be invited for an interview within five working days. During this interview, the project manager will give you several tests. This will determine your language starting level and your learning speed. This will be discussed with you at the end of the interview. You will then get project advice and an offer for the integration project.
If you agree with this offer, you sign a contract, after which the project will start soon.
The Alsare academy can of course help you arrange the DUO loan.

The beginner’s group (Taalbrug)
You immediately start your course in the beginner’s group after signing. This beginner’s group at Alsare is called the Taalbrug. In the Taalbrug you learn to work with the methodology and how to use the e-learning. You will also get your individual curriculum here. You then soon move on in your State Exam group. This already begins in one or two weeks.

There are two exam programmes. You choose one of the following programmes::
• Programme I, at language level B1/2F, if you want to work or study at intermediate vocational education level 3 or 4;
• Programme II, at language level B2/3F, if you want to work or study at higher professional education/university level.

The course
You go to the group class four half days a week. In the group class you learn the skills required to pass the integration exam in the agreed time as laid down in the course contract.
In addition, you work on your personal programme in the digital learning environment. You must also do this at home, for which will we lend you a laptop.
You take an intermediate exam after each module. You will then know exactly what you need to work on. Your teacher will always help you prevent problems.

Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market (ONA)
Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market is about working and finding work. You carry out assignments at home and in class. The teacher and you together send the result in the portfolio to DUO. DUO assesses your portfolio and invites you for an assessment. The teacher practises this assessment with you in the ONA classes.

Did you become subject the integration requirement before 2015?
You then only need to take the NT2 State Exam. If you pass, you get the NT2 degree. You are then integrated.

Knowledge of Dutch Society (KNM)
The methodology also includes the Knowledge of Dutch Society module. You are properly prepared to also pass this exam.
Did you become subject to the integration requirement before 2015?
You then only need to take the NT2 State Exam. If you pass, you get the State Exam NT2 degree. You are then integrated.

Did you become subject to the integration requirement after 1 January 2015?
You must then take two other exams alongside the NT2 State Exam. The Knowledge of Dutch Society exam and the Orientation on the Dutch Labour Market exam.

At Alsare academy you get a lot of personal guidance. Your project manager guides you in carrying out assignments and matters of a personal nature.
Your teacher ensures that you get to learn Dutch so well that you pass the State Exam in the agreed time.
The special ONA teacher ensures that you are optimally prepared to pass the ONA exam.

Exam training
If you have passed the intermediate exams and have come to the end of the course, you can begin exam training. You can then take many sample exams, which help you pass the real exam.

Guaranteed success
By attending at least 80% of the classes and doing your homework, the Alsare academy can guarantee an optimum result.

Netherlands United Kingdom Eritrea Arabic

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Trust is the most important element in building a partnership. Alsare academie wants to build a partnership with you through trust and providing the best teachers and coaching you can ask for. Alsare academie will also help you to apply for a loan with DUO. During the course you can choose to do an internship to become acquainted with working and studying in the Netherlands.

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